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Monday, March 26, 2012


<--- Keeping busy at the Dr's
Derek saw the Dr. today, it was just a check up since he turned 4, but I expressed our concerns about Derek and he was helpful in some ways and not in others. I got the feeling that he didn't really want to take the time to "diagnose" him, and was quick to give us the referral. Could have been that he was already behind, we didn't end up getting out of there until almost 2 hours after our appointment time. He listened to what I had to say and the only thing he replied with was "Some of what you described is normal behavior for children his age." So anyway he gave me the referral as soon as I got home; put the boys down for a nap, and called EDIS where I was informed that because he is older than 3, they can't evaluate him there, that I need to go to Child Find, a program affiliated with RAF Lakenheath Elementary, the school on base.

I called and turns out this is quite the process as if it wasn't already. I have to pick up a packet to fill out and bring in the required documents, at the time that I turn it in, which is only a 2 hour window in the morning, Derek will need to have a visual & hearing test. Then once all that goes through we will attend a group & individual session that only takes place once a month, which she also notified me they are full for April & May. If he qualifies, then the only way to receive "treatment" is to enroll him in the DODD's American school on base. SIGH...

Trying to keep the story short but when I called EDIS they had to call me back because they wanted to make sure they couldn't treat him etc. so when I got the call back she explained some of the procedure and had mentioned if he needs an sort of treatment he'd have to be enrolled into the DODD's school, and asked if this was something we would do. I replied with "Of course we want to make the best deicision for him, however we live in Ely and the school he's attending right now is willing to work with him they have put him on an IEP and we've had a couple parent teacher meetings, he's actually done so much better in the past 2 weeks since they've started him on it and it's the same school my daughter attends, we love it out here and are very happy with their school, so it may just be that we make that decision when and if need be, but again Derek is our top priority and we'll do what has to be done to help him." She replied with "Wow, that's the best answer I think I've ever received, you sound like such a great mom, your children are very lucky to have such a strong advocate for them!" AHHHH I about lost it on the phone, I got all choked up and just told her she made my day!                                        


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