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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our England Vehicle

With the move to England, we decided to get a smaller vehicle, but obviously we still need one that will fit our family. I remember all to well, the narrow streets, small parking spots, and tiny parking garages in Europe. After about a month of research I finally decided on the Mazda 5, SUPER excited I called the local Mazda dealership and after a couple visits and many phone conversations, it turns out they couldn't get one here for us. I was bummed, because no other car compared to this one. It also turns out that the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, or Montana didn't have this vehicle, and couldn't get it. With everything that happened in Japan it slowed production majorly. The closest location was 8 hours away in Minneapolis, and we almost made this trip but they sold it before we could put a deposit on it.

It is a mini  mini-van, has captain chairs in the middle row which no other vehicle other than mini vans have, which is perfect for seperating children, 2 seats in the back but all can fold down. The vehicle is A LOT smaller than a mini van PERFECT for England!! I called the dealership again today to see if there was any new news and he informed me they ordered one for me and it should be here in a week or two. So fingers crossed that this will work out!! Here's the vehicle we want!!


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