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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The blessing is in the SEEDD

Well, I'm finally joining the world of bloggers, YAY! With the move to England coming closer, as if Minot ND wasn't far enough, I am hoping this will be a way for friends and family to know what we are up to and the randomness that is SEEDD. :) I didn't want to start a blog before because honestly I've seen some pretty awesome ones and I know mine won't compare, however a big lesson that God is teaching me (rather painfully I might add) is that I don't have to be perfect and the best at everything, and so here goes. :)

 SEEDD are the initials of all of us Bailey's. I am currently going through some tough life lessons(expect many more blog posts to follow ;) as this season of our lives is ending and a new one is beginning. One of those lessons is remembering my blessings. Steven, Erica, Elora, Derek, & Dylan are all blessings of God.

I am struggling to remember that the blessing is in the seedd when... nothing is going the way I planned, my children seem like they have no sense of discipline whatsoever, I step in a puddle that doesn't look like it could possibly come from a little 3 yr old, when my oldest thinks it is ok to paint her brother's, the wall, the carpet, the mattress with nail polish, did I mention I'm a single parent for a couple weeks; yeah I think you get the picture and could even add to my list.

"In the light of God's eternity; irritating children become irreplaceable blessings." - Julie Barnhill

The quote speaks more than I could ever say, so with that welcome to the awesome but crazy blessing that is SEEDD! :)


Chelsea M said...

YAY!! Writing it out helps my attitude so much! Can't wait to see what you have to say! :)

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