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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Blessings

I probably set myself up to fail by deciding to join the blogging world right before we moved overseas, lol, OOPS! Well this isn't exactly the big blog comeback I was hoping but eh it'll have to do :)

Valentine's Day another lame, pointless holiday? Maybe to some but not to SEEDD. You start out in school passing out valentines, having parties, making heart crafts, and eating tons of sweets. Then you have a special someone that makes V-Day so awesome and you're so thankful for a holiday that reminds you why you chose that person to spend the rest of your days with. Then you have children and it's all about them, you make a special valentines meal or two, do some neat crafts, decorate cupcakes & cookies.(This is the part of the circle I'm in) From there the kids eventually move out and you're left with that special someone and instead of just looking forward to the rest of your lives you also look to the past and celebrate the love that brought you so many blessings.

That is how we celebrate Valentine's Day every year. It isn't just about celebrating a holiday to show our love to each other instead we celebrate the meaning of love & the blessings we have because of that love. Sure cards, candy,flowers, are all nice(esp the chocolates) but the love of family is so much more, and that's what I hope my kids remember.

So when those party poopers say "We shouldn't need a holiday to show love!" OR "It's a holiday made up by the greeting card & flower companies to boost sales!" I hope you can think of why you celebrate this holiday and if you don't celebrate or are one of those party poopers; how does that song go... "All we need is Love..." With love comes an overflow of Blessings. :)
Another fun thing about V-day doing fun stuff with the kids; here was our dinner. Just took a frozen cheese pizza had pepperoni on hand so the kids helped make the heart shape, then we made cupcakes & cookies and decorated them with pink frosting and different sprinkles. :)


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