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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stonehenge~ Jan 2012

As most of you have seen the pics on Facebook, we went to Stonehenge, and a few other places. However you don't know the entire adventurous story. I think the motto for that day was simply quoted by Dory in the movie Finding Nemo "Just keep Swimming."
It was a chilly day, but nothing compared to Minot. We left at 7:30 AM and started our 3 hour drive. The kids were great the entire ride, when we arrived at Stonehenge we ate our picnic lunch. We received a membership to English Heritage as a gift from Steve's mom and family so we didn't have to pay to enter. The entrance to Stonehenge is actually across the street and you walk through an underground tunnel and come out the other side, the kids thought this was soo cool. The ground was very wet, and there was about 2 inches of mud, we hadn't realized that there wasn't a paved walkway around, so we had to trek with the 2 kids and push Dylan in the stroller through the mud. "Just keep swimming"

 Elora wanted to push Dylan in the stroller, but with all the mud and there were so many people there we said no. She had lost her mind, it was so bad we had to give her a time out on one of the benches, for 5 minutes until she finally calmed down. "Just keep swimming"

We also saw a few other things that were in the area, we figured if we were going to drive 3 hours we better make the most of the day. We forgot to get extra pounds from the ATM so when we tried to find parking near the cathedral it was too much for what we had on us, so we parked quite a ways away in a 2 hr parking spot. "Just keep swimming"

After all the sites, everyone was hungry but we had a long drive back so we decided to get McDonalds, which by the way if you haven't had European McDonalds it is DELICIOUS! We plugged it into our GPS which took us right into the center of the city, there was no parking of course so I hopped out and ran into the restaurant to order our food. Placed the order... they don't accept swipe cards, I only had 5pounds so, had to cancel my order and just got 4 burgers. "Just keep swimming"

Overall the day was great, we got the chance to see a ton of neat stuff and had tons of fun with the kids, even with all the unexpected events. Enjoy the pics :)


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